Results in both Conferences

In the Western conference the Golden State Warriors are leading by 5-0 while the L.a Lakers and New orleans pelicans are down 0-4.
In the eastern conference the Toronto Raptors are leading 5-0 while the Brookyln Nets are going 0-5.
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Main Events

Like last season Golden state are having another good start of the season. Clippers are doing pretty good this season which Im pretty glad about but the Lakers are doing bad once again. Kobe Bryant is planning to retire next season because he dosen't know if he can effect the team in any way.
The coach for the Lakers Bryon Scott talked to him about it and he said that since this might be his last season, he wants to play as much games as he can. He played his last game in Madison square garden which was a big game for him since that is where he scored 30 points per game.
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For this year people think the Cavaliers in the west will go against the Thunder in the east. Since the Cavaliers got an early draft pick they have a good chance to pickup a good player for their team. Even though the warriors are starting off a good season it is possible for them to fall off later on. The thunder have a dynamic duo with Westbrook and Kevin durant. Westbrook showed some good plays in his game against the Suns.
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